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re:love Barnstaple
While fringing, beige tones and tie-dye are all the rage this summer, there’s another fashion story grabbing the headlines. And it’s one that’s close to NDADA’s heart

While fringing, beige tones and tie-dye are all the rage this summer, there’s another fashion story grabbing the headlines. And it’s one that’s close to NDADA’s heart.

An estimated 300,000 tonnes* of clothing are thrown away each year in the UK alone. If that figure leaves you feeling less than stylish, take inspiration from a growing movement that shuns fast fashion in favour of pre-loved garments.

Rather than hitting the high street in search of the latest releases or bulk buying outfits on payday, a rising number of ethical fashionistas are committed to searching out garments with a little history rather than a lot of carbon footprint.

Sound like something you could get on board with? Then it’s time you paid a visit to re:love.

Conscious clothing

So many beautiful clothes are left languishing in wardrobes when they could be doing so much good,’ says re:love’s Retail and Fundraising Manager Alessia Sheldon.

In July 2018, a new clothing store opened its doors in Barnstaple. But instead of offering brand new styles in every size, its rails are filled with quality pre-owned clothing, the sale of which doesn’t line the coffers of one of the retail giants.

Instead, re:love sells clothes on behalf of people in the community with a share of the profits going to NDADA (Devon’s only refuge for women and children fleeing domestic abuse which relies entirely on donations) and the rest to the original owner.

We set up re:love because we could see a real opportunity to help people part with good quality clothes they no longer wear and make some money – both for them and for NDADA – in the process,’ she continues.

The fact that it saves more garments going to landfill and encourages people to reuse and recycle is sustainable fashion in action, and helps our community support the refuge in an easily accessible way.’

A good deal better

The shopping experience at re:love is also unique. No rummaging through bargain bins full of cast-offs here – garments are thoughtfully arranged by colour and type with plenty of artfully put together displays to offer inspiration.

Then there’s the friendly and experienced team of trained stylists, seamstresses and fashion devotees, all on hand to make suggestions and offer advice. As well as helping customers to find the perfect outfit for any occasion, this talented bunch can also mend and make alterations to breathe new life into the garments, while the shop regularly hosts crafting sessions and make up tutorials – where else in north Devon can you find so much under one roof?

Beyond trend

The latest glossy magazines are full of lace, bold prints, nude tones and 80’s revival right now, and if trends are your thing then the good news is you can still quench your fashion crushes when you visit re:love.

Visual Stylist and Sales Advisor Tiffanie Fishleigh says: ‘Colours, styles and accessories form an endless fashion lifecycle, and you’ll find many of the current trends filtering onto the rails here. We offer beautiful designer garments and lifestyle products that are affordable and good quality – true staple pieces. We give these clothes a second life.’

Whatever you’re wearing this season, conscious fashion will never go out of style. Visit the shop for a browse, follow them on Instagram for the latest news and stand out pieces, and look out for the re:store express van at various festivals and events this summer.

Interested in selling through re:love? Find out more about how it works here.

*Data from TRAID