Summer wear-apy

Bright blue hand back on a yellow background
Popular expressions have linked colours to emotions for a long time. Penny Blower shows NDADA how to apply a little rainbow therapy to our wardrobes

You only have to listen to popular expressions like “seeing red” or “feeling blue” to know that colours have long been linked to emotions. Image consultant Penny Blower shows you how to apply a little rainbow therapy to your wardrobe get ready to pick a new hue and strike the ideal tone for the summer

So you’ve woken up feeling fragile, fraught and frumpy. Fear not. Penny has these words of advice to turn even the bluest Monday into a vibrant start to the week.

Start off by putting on your favourite underwear. Boost your summer skin with slow glow [gradual fake tan], which will also have the effect of making you look more toned. Then look in your wardrobe and think about how each colour makes you feel. A colour may match your mood yet be no help whatsoever to how you are feeling.’

Penny recommends asking yourself, “Does this colour match my mood?” And if so, do you want to wear a colour that goes with your mood or choose a shade that changes it? Here are her colour interpretations …

Scarlet woman – knock ’em dead in red T

Sporting red gives you strength and makes you feel empowered and strong.
Wear it: to lift your mood and feel cheerful.
Don’t wear it: if you are trying to bring out the best in someone in a one-to-one situation; it’s just too fiery.

Babe in blue – stay cool

Get the blueprint for a great day in the office with calming hues of blue.
Wear it: to feel confident in a business or formal setting.
Don’t wear it: with a high contrast shade unless you want to look pretty powerful.
Top tip: tailoring and high contrast (think dark navy and a light shirt) will make you look authoritative.

Green goddess – naturally gorgeous

Wearing green gets you in touch with your earthy, empathetic side.
Wear it: when you want to support someone in a meeting or an important situation.
Don’t wear it: if you want to exude authority.
Top tip: there are more shades of green than there are of any other colour so find a shade that looks great on you. Emerald suits most people.

Pink lady – see the world through rose-tinted glasses

Be tickled pink with a rosy glow that brings out your flirty, feminine and sensitive side.
Wear it: around people who know you well and understand you.
Don’t wear it: if you want to make a strong impression.
Top tip: use it in splashes for a fun girly accent.

Golden girl – glow ahead and smile

The sunny warmth of orange is fresh, fearless and fun.
Wear it: to boost your morale with happy holiday vibes.
Don’t wear it: if you want to blend into the background.
Top tip: it doesn’t suit everyone. If you have cool colouring, get the same effect with a summery pink.

Penny’s top six feel-good tips:

  • Feel strong and confident in clothes that fit your beautiful shape and colouring
  • Understand your style personality. If it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t
  • Use accessories to change your outlook. We all know about that well-known mood enhancer – a new handbag. Snap up something new-to-you at our re:love store
  • A smile is the perfect accessory to cheer you and those around you
  • Try exercise that you really enjoy. It releases the happy hormones and boosts confidence
  • Experiment with this season’s fun trends: over-sized hats and fringing