Outside the box

Outside the box
Think of cardboard and automatically think of boxes? Think again...

Think of cardboard and automatically think of boxes? Think again, as one local business has forged a creative partnership with re:store that’s pushing the boundaries of what good old cardboard can be.

The in-store mannequins and window displays of the re:store shop have been a talking point for many of the customers over the past two years, and a lot of this comes down to the brilliant partnership between re:store and the creative team at Atlas Packaging.
Jason Sharman, managing director of the independent Barnstaple-based business, has worked closely with re:store manager Alessia Sheldon (pictured) to produce a range of bespoke displays for the shop – out of regular corrugated cardboard.
Jason’s team’s imaginative use of this everyday material has resulted in a 3D cardboard dinosaur prowling the shop, stylish presentation mannequins, and a winter window with crafty card snowflakes.
Part of the success of the re:store shop is the eye-catching way the products are displayed thanks to Alessia’s background in fashion, and Jason is proud of the way Atlas has been able to support NDADA with innovative solutions.
‘Supporting re:store was an opportunity to show the outside world that we’re about more than cardboard boxes. While we’ve supplied window dressings and mannequins to the store, it’s also given us the opportunity to showcase our work and show other customers what is possible,’ Jason explains.

‘The versatility of corrugated cardboard is incredible. People see cardboard and think of a box, but we’re able to use our talented design teams to take the material a lot further. Creating unique displays is just one of the ways we are pushing the boundaries. By continuing to work with re:store, our creative brains are given the chance to try new things, which helps us to develop our business range too.’
As you’d expect, Atlas produces a wide range of packaging using corrugated cardboard for postage, storage and display purposes – but it also loves to do exciting and different things in the community. It’s been involved with Barnstaple Carnival, the buzzing OceanFest in Croyde and the wacky Ilfracombe Birdman competition where brave souls take a running jump off the pier in a vain attempt to fly in their self-made crafts.
Jason and his team know the importance of working together, and he points out how it’s the backbone of the company’s ongoing success. ‘By working closely with our clients and understanding their needs, we’re able to inject our own creativity to develop new innovations. We’re working with exciting clients on new projects all the time.’
The creative team loved the challenges that designing for re:store posed, giving them a completely different set of goals and a very unique brief to provide original solutions to everyday retail problems including storage and organisation solutions for the donations in the re:store stock room.

Jason adds, ‘working with Alessia has given us a great way to show high street retailers how to use an eco-friendly, recyclable material in an eye-catching and engaging way. It is great to see the quality of product on display in re:store, and helping NDADA to make a tangible difference to people’s lives is a
wonderful feeling.’