NDADA’s year 2018-19

NDADA's year 2018-19
Striving to end domestic abuse will help families to live without fear. You help us do that with your support of our work and we thank you for that

NDADA believes that we are all entitled to a safe, happy, healthy homelife; free from abuse and the fear of abuse. We believe that striving to end domestic abuse will help create more opportunities for families to attain the lifestyle of their choice, without fear. You help us do that with your support of our work and we thank you for that.

During this year, we have received 218 new referrals to our services which is an increase of 39 from last year. Interestingly, the number of exits from our services has decreased, highlighting, we think, the severe decrease in available support services our clients can access in the community. This is particularly true of mental health support. Therefore, in order to support clients’ needs, they are staying within our service longer than they have done previously. This obviously causes stresses on our services and our workforce but we have good support and planning in place to ameliorate any difficulties.

Between 92 – 100% of people supported by NDADA’s various services including refuge, report feeling safer with much improved wellbeing and quality of life and feeling much more optimistic and confident for the future. Here’s some feedback:

Your ongoing support and interest in NDADA’s work is a major factor in our ability to have a positive influence on the lives of women, children and men who have experienced domestic abuse and we look forward to the coming year with you at our side.

Susan Wallis, CEO
May 2019

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